Attention Guitar Player:

Imagine What It Would Be Like If You Could

Instantly Identify Every Chord & Note You Hear

AND … (Even Better) Play Everything You Hear In Your Head

How awesome would it be if you could do that?

How much would it improve your guitar playing?

How much more creative would you be?

How much more fun would you have playing your guitar?


If you want to:

  • Be able to quickly learn songs without having to waste time on YouTube
  • Instantly identify chord progressions without using unreliable chord charts
  • Transcribe solos insanely fast without wasting time with incorrect tabs
  • Know how notes are going to sound BEFORE you play them 
  • Be able to transfer what's in your head to the fretboard right away
  • Consistently improvise solos that drip with emotion 
  • Play by ear
  • Accurately express what you want to say on the guitar
  • Become limitlessly creative and confident in your guitar playing

… Then, you are in the right place.

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How To Train Your Ear So That Your Guitar Playing

Finally Sounds Like A Pro

(Without having to struggle through boring, mindless exercises that nobody wants to do)

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From: Dylan Andrews

RE: ear training

Dear (frustrated) guitar player,

If you want get people to admire you when they hear you play, play guitar with total freedom, or even if you just want to have fun and improve quickly, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Training your ear will be the difference between either:

  • sounding like a pro or sounding like an amateur
  • playing with freedom or being trapped in a box
  • having fun playing guitar or remaining stuck and frustrated

“Before I discovered Complete Ear Mastery, I sounded like a noob, and after going through the course, people‘s jaws dropped to the floor when hearing me play guitar.”

- Michael Fischer

Tom Hess

“Getting the RIGHT ear training makes the difference between getting a little better over time and getting MASSIVELY better quickly.”

Tom Hess - Guitar Teacher To Guitar Teachers

Ear Training Affects Every Aspect Of
Your Guitar Playing

Aural skills (ear training) is the single most important skill to a musician. 

If you don't have a trained ear yet, then you have no idea what you're missing

Ear training affects:

  • How you listen to music

  • How you connect to music

  • How you play music

  • How you create music

  • How you enjoy music 


  • If you are taking guitar lessons, you learn faster, everything gets easier and therefore don't need as many lessons.

  • With a better ear, there's a lot you can teach yourself about guitar.

  • Ear training improves your phrasing, improvising, and songwriting.

  • You get more out of everything you learn and practice.
  • You learn, understand, and remember music theory better because you don't just understand the concepts intellectually, you HEAR them in your mind's ear.


Here are some consequences of not having a trained ear:

  • You can’t learn songs without outside help (tab, YouTube, teacher, etc.)

  • You’re unable to play what you hear in your head immediately and reliably
  • You’re not sure how a note will sound before you play 

  • You play the same things over and over again

  • You have to ask people again and again what they are playing

  • You’re unsure if what you are about to play will sound good

  • You can't write music in your head

If you have a problem with anything I listed above, ear training will make you a much better guitar player.

If you’ve tried ear training before and it didn’t work, it’s not your fault!

You just didn’t know...

How To Practice Ear Training The Right Way
(Unfortunately, Hardly Anyone Teaches The Correct Way To Train Your Ear)


The typical ear training apps, courses, YouTube videos and even aural skills classes at music school are slow, boring, hard to stick to and (most importantly) are not integrated with actually making music. This is why those methods don’t work well. If they did, I'd be out of the job and everybody in the world would have a great ear.

These linear methods don't INTEGRATE ear training with all the other areas of your guitar playing. 

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Most Guitarists Don't Have A Trained Ear Because:

With these typical methods to train your ear, making progress takes a painfully long time (decades).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to waste doing things in the slowest, most ineffective, and frustrating way possible … do you?

If you have tried ear training before and felt like you didn’t get anywhere…

I know how you feel and I have two pieces of good news for you…


There IS  A  Shortcut To Developing Your Ear


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You do not have to learn the slow and painful way most all musicians do. 

You can learn to develop a trained ear quickly and enjoy the process. 




Anyone Can Learn How To Develop A Highly Trained Ear Even If You Were Born With *Zero* Talent.

Most think that you either were born with a good ear (and therefore don’t need to train your ear) or you were not (and therefore you are doomed to go through life with a bad musical ear). 

My name is Dylan Andrews, and I used to believe this too.

I didn't realize that ear training was something you could learn until I started ear training classes in college.

I was extremely excited on my first day, but unfortunately, the excitement didn't last long.

I was a straight A student in every subject, except aural skills.

Ear training seemed soooo impossible, dry, and monotonous.

Worse, at the end of the semester, I discovered I had FAILED ear training.

Yep, I failed it! 


Luckily, my teacher liked me so much that he rounded up and let me get through. 

As a music student, by the time I graduated, I improved in a lot of areas except the most important one, ear training.

I went on to use every ear training app, course, and YouTube video I could find.

I wasted countless hours but I just wouldn’t get anywhere.

I felt like ear training just wasn't for me. I thought I could become the musician I wanted to be without aural skills…

But the reality was, I couldn’t. The lack of developing a good ear was holding me back and frustrating me endlessly.

So, I finally decided to do something about it.

I Spent Countless Hours And Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To Learn What It Takes To Develop A Highly Trained Ear.

I hired some of the best teachers in the world and traveled across the country (multiple times) just to find out how these monster players were able to have such a fantastic ear. 

its me min

What I learned shocked me.

It was completely different from anything I had ever heard before.

When I started to train my ear in this new way, I immediately saw improvement.

Everything started to change.

The way I played and even how I listened to music improved.

It was like deaf person hearing music for the first time.

The biggest surprise about all of it was…

How Simple Ear Training Is…
When Done The Right Way

So many people overcomplicate ear training.

The truth is, developing your ear is a very simple and fun process.

You just need the right tools to do it.

For years, I have continued to study and refine my system and today, I help guitar players from all over the world to sound like a pro by training their ears.

I'm the founder and owner of Summit School Of Guitar and am a national guest speaker at guitar seminars such as HESSFEST attended by hundreds of guitar players from around the world.




To help you develop your ear, become the player you want to be, and experience the freedom ear training gives you, I have created

Complete Ear Mastery - The Ultimate Ear Training For Guitar Course That Doesn’t Suck, Isn’t Boring And Works Every Time



This course shows you how to develop your ear easily, rapidly, and most importantly, how to use it to have a LOT more fun playing guitar.

You learn all the secrets on how to train your ear that finally gave me the breakthrough I so badly wanted.

Complete Ear Mastery gives you everything you need to play guitar by ear, know what every note and chord you play is going to sound like before you play it, improve your songwriting, improvisation and help you sound like a pro.

Tommaso Zillio

"98 out of 100 guitar players fail to play guitar the way they want because they don't train their ear, or they train it in the wrong way."

Dr. Tommaso Zillio - Music Theory For Guitar Expert And World-Class Guitar Trainer


In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get:

ProScreen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMven And Powerful Ear Training That Literally Forces Your Ear To Leapfrog To New Levels

You get more than “lessons”. You get actual training so that you get the breakthrough you’re looking for as I train you. This ensures you develop your aural skills rapidly.


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMHow To Become Confident In Your Guitar Playing Skills

When you pick up your guitar, you'll have the confidence in knowing that every note you play is going to sound great because you first imagined it in your mind, and you know where all those notes are on the guitar and can play them with total freedom the first time.


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMEasy-To-Follow Lessons So You Don’t Get Confused Or Stuck  

I guide you through all the simple steps and we develop your skills together in real-time, so you get the crucial tools you need to become the player you want to be. 


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMHow To Tie Your Newly Acquired Aural Skills In With The Rest Of Your Guitar Playing 

I don’t stop at giving you “information”, I train you to apply & integrate your aural skills with all other aspects of your guitar playing. The most important thing is how to use and apply what you learn on your guitar. If you get the best information in the world but can’t use it, it's worthless.


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMPlay The Music You Hear In Your Head

You learn how to take what you hear in your head and know exactly where to play it on guitar before you even pick it up. 


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMGet The ONE BIG Thing That All The Best Musicians Have In Common 

There are many types of amazing musicians out there. Some focus on rhythm, others on lead. Some are jazz players, others play blues. Some love to play fast, and others like to play slow. Every musician is different, but all the greats have this one thing in common.


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AMHow To Express Yourself Clearly On The Guitar 

I show you how to express emotions on the guitar by training you how to know which notes will produce which emotions over a given chord.  


Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 9.48.31 AM


Shave off years of slow progress, frustration and mediocre guitar playing. 

Tom Hess

“After teaching thousands of guitar students over the last 3 decades, I can say with confidence that the best among them are the ones who develop their ears because having better aural skills enabled them to learn everything faster, progress quicker and play at a pro level.”

Tom Hess - Guitar Playing Breakthrough Specialist


So, Here's The Bottom Line With Complete Ear Mastery - The Ultimate Ear Training For Guitar Course That Doesn’t Suck, Isn’t Boring And Works Every Time:

You get access to all the proven training, strategies, tactics, and the tools you need to train your ear like a pro - so you can play like a pro.

I walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish. You get all the insiders-only instruction on how to learn, train and transform your ear fast.

You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed so that can finally play guitar the way you want and be admired by others who hear you play! You're going to feel fulfilled, proud and awesome!

You get all of this for only $97 $77 monthly…


But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...


Learn how to play hundreds of chords without having to memorize hundreds of chords video series. (Value: $57)

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How to use your ear to make boring chord progressions sound amazing every time. (Value: $67)

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As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of $124... but they're yours when you act now!

Mark Turko

“Dylan's easy step-by-step process for ear training is the best I have ever seen. Dylan's simple and easy-to- follow sessions are specifically designed for guitar players. This is my first time seeing an ear training course designed for guitar players. Typically you see ear training done with piano and that always leaves a disconnect with guitar players. This course makes guitar players feel more connected to the process of ear training and gets you results faster.”

Mark Turko

Jeff Wiggins

“Dylan’s ear training sessions are super easy to understand and fun! He gets straight to the point and shows you how to do it and how it will help you with your guitar playing and listening skills. I wish I had Dylan around years ago to show me this stuff! He has so many helpful ear training methods (that I didn’t even know about) to build your ear! Thanks for making ear training fun Dylan!”

Jeff Wiggins

5 Easy Ways To Train Your Ear You Can Use Every Day